Writers On Writers

by dollydelightly

“I admire Chekhov extravagantly, I think every short-story writer does.”
Frank O’Connor

“Hegel was right when he said that we learn from history that man can never learn anything from history.”
George Bernard Shaw

“I’m all for the complexity of Faulkner, but not for the confusion.”
William Styron

“In Walter Scott’s novels there is a great preponderance of inner over outer life, and incident is never brought-in except for the purpose of giving play to thought and emotion.”
Arthur Schopenhauer

“John Cowper Powys, of course, had the most tremendous influence on me; but then, I never knew him, never cultivated him. I didn’t dare! I was a midget and he was a giant.” Henry Miller

“A page of Rimbaud cut up and rearranged will give you quite new images. “
William S. Burroughs

“Robert Coover. He, too, is circular, but the circles he draws enclose a genius of suggestion.”
Gore Vidal

“Kierkegaard was by far the most profound thinker of the last century.”
Ludwig Wittgenstein

“I thought it was extremely pretentious of Behan to sit down and start to do editorial work on my book. But since he thought I was a good writer, and the book marvelous, I was also pleased.” J.P Donleavy

“Whatever the word ‘great’ means, Dickens was what it means. “
G. K. Chesterton

Sources: The Quotations Page, The Paris Review, University of Adelaide